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Clog Problem

  Clogged pipe !! The proplem is tha almost every home need to find it. Whether the pipe in the kitchen,bathroom or toilet pipes themselves. It's frustrating to see if it is good toilet was full. Pour water is not flowing down the pipe as it should be. The dirt floor in the bathroom sink of dishes, unpleasant odor, so the house is also another problem anywhere. Whether it is an apartment, condominium,  academy, Hotels, shopping malls,  office beverage. As well as industrial all were found to unclog the most important cause of the clog that is the condition of the drain itself. The more joints that bend as much. Chances are, it will clog pipes and more. When the sewage flowing through the arc of the pipe. It will reduce the flow, causing debris to pile in at the curves. And a large arc. As with any reduction in the flow of water. Scrap pile that will make the curve. And a large arc. As with any reduction in the flow of water. It is likely that remnants of things. Tab to easily fill the pipeline. Since no water is delivered to the end.

Traditional solutions

  Nomally  we  tend  to  use solutions  using  products containing  sodium  hydroxide solution,  such   as   pump-biodegradable   organic substances, which is enough to alleviate the problem,  but  still not  as  effective  as  it  should. And  sometimes  met  with obstacles,  many  problems  to solve.

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What is Jetter ?

  We present you with tons of high performance solutions pipe. Using a technology called High pressure water jetting using power from the engine high pressure washer nozzle Jetter made though leaching. Destroy blockages in the pipe as easy as possible. Whether any size pipe or clogging of the matter.

Use for Jetter

  • Restaurants and food service establishments
  • Hotels
  • Apartment and condominium complexes
  • Hospitals nursing homes and schools
  • Supermarkets and shopping malls
  • Amusement and recreation facilities
  • Factories and industrial plants
  • Car washes and pumping stations
  • Highway maintenance facilities
  • Municipalities

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